Submarine Cable Location

cableReplacement of Submarine Cables on the Long Island Railroad Bridge

Wreck Lead Bridge spanning; Long Beach and Island Park in Nassau County, NY

In 2014, W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates, P.C. performed the underwater investigation to locate the existing submarine power cables. Numerous submarine cables were located along the north fascia of the piers and spanning across the main navigational channel between the main piers. A hydrographic survey was performed and tied into known benchmarks. Scanning sonar imaging was completed on the main piers to locate the cables extending from the concrete face extending into the channel bottom. Side scan sonar imaging was completed along the fascias and in the main channel to note any exposed cables. The combined data was used to direct the diver to the starting locations of the buried cables.  Since the majority of the cables were in bundles, it was easier to track the locations. J.W. Fisher cable tracker system was then used to “ping” the submerged cables. Marker buoys were used to survey the cable locations from the topside. Since the cables provide power to the trains and signals, it was very important that the existing cables not be damaged or removed until the new cables are in place.

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