W.J. Castle and Associates offers services and expertise across a wide spectrum of underwater engineering needs.

service-structural-marine-engineeringStructural / Marine Engineering

Our engineers have the combination of education and real world experience that makes our designs cost-effective, practical, and ready for building. We provide complete structural designs for replacement or rehabilitation of bridges (including railroad structures), bulkheads, piers, docks, cofferdams, fender and dolphin systems, relieving platforms, and more, in accordance with AREA, AASHTO, and other specifications as may be required, including permit acquisition.

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service-construction-inspection-and-managementConstruction Inspection & Management

Our construction inspection and management services benefit from the 30+ years we’ve been in business and our expertise will save you time and money. We have extensive experience dealing with various state and local agencies as well as the contractor hurdles involved in underwater construction and management. We coordinate all contractors, subcontractors, and materials, ensure that all work is performed in accordance with the standards and specifications set forth for each project, and inspect any ongoing project sites.

service-underwater-inspection-servicesUnderwater Inspection Services

We offer the most comprehensive underwater inspection services you will find. All our reports are signed and sealed by a Licensed Professional Engineer. Our divers and technicians are certified commercial divers (ADC). We also have custom designed specialty equipment, which provides superior documentation and cost-effectiveness. These include: ultrasonic devices for both above and below water testing, water blasting/cleaning equipment, core sampling equipment, hydrographic survey equipment utilizing GPS systems with multi-beam surveying capabilities.

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service-specialty-and-building-designsSpecialty & Building Designs

Our specialty designs cover sheeting design, bridge erection, and demolition procedures. We also can provide shoring and shielding designs as well as roll-in and jacking procedures. We save our clients time, money, and energy because our engineering company and our marine construction company work seamlessly together, often with significant staff overlap. The combined knowledge in engineering and building enables us to see a project through from initial designs right through finished installation. Delays are kept to a minimum, even when changes are requested or needed, because of the strengths The Castle Group can offer.

service-hydrographic-and-fathometric-surveysHydrographic / Fathometric Surveys

W.J. Castle has performed Hydrographic / Fathometric Surveys on numerous bridges, including single and multi-span structures, such as: the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (NY), the Burlington Bristol Bridge (NJ – PA), the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge (I-78 in NY), the Walt Whitman Bridge (NJ – PA), and the Betsy Ross Bridge (NJ – PA). We have the ability and equipment necessary to provide state-of-the-art surveys and reports. Our latest technology includes a multi-beam transducer unit as well as a single beam transducer unit with digital and/or graphic printout information.

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service-non-destructive-testingNon-Destructive Testing

For Non-Destructive Testing, we use the Windsor Probe, a test system designed to evaluate the compressive strength of concrete in place. It is non destructive and can be used with equal effectiveness on fresh and mature concrete.  Equally accurate results are obtained on horizontal or vertical surfaces provided that the probe is perpendicular or at right angles to the test surface. The accuracy of the inferred strengths has been examined in many independent tests and trials. The Windsor Probe results correlate well with the concrete strength determinations obtained by conventional means.



service-sonar-imagingSonar Imaging

Using the JW Fishers Side Scan Sonar-100K/600K, we are able to view large search areas quickly and produce high-resolution images of the river bottom up to 40 meters from the sonar head. This model has both low and high frequency transducers in one towfish. The towfish is rated for 500 feet depth and is equipped with 150 feet of cable. The data that is collected is then sent to a laptop computer where it can display a real time color image of the river or ocean bottom.

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